VB :600V -3300V
IF : 0.2-80A
Trr < 10ns, Tj >175 ℃
Low power loss, high voltage,
SiC schottky diode ESiC series provide very short reverse recovery time (Trr), it can save 15~30% power loss by replace the Si diode with ESiC diode.

Features :
Low forward voltage VF.
Very short reverse recovery time (trr), and excellence  in high frequency switching  circuit.
Much lower power loss so increase the efficiency of power supply.
With stabilized temperature characteristic.
Require smaller heatsink and save dimension to achieve slim and smaller product system.

Power converter product、LED Lighting 、Electric Vehicle (EV)、Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV) 、Inverter、Converter、PFC Circuit(Power Factor Correction)、Uninterruptible  Power System、Switching Circuit、Motor Driver Circuit 、etc.

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